• Daniel Nakash


“So where’s your test pilot?”


“I know that”

“She’ll be here soon”

“We’ve been waiting here for fifteen minutes. Did she text you or anything?”

“No” I said dryly. The boss really could be a pain in the ass. “But usually she shows up before twenty.”

“Usually? Does she also usually send reports?”

“Look, in most cases it’s just a meeting of me an her and perhaps another guy. Usually we just keep doing our work at the office until she arrives, and then go together to this lab.”

“Well this is unacceptable. Check where she is.” A moment after he finished the sentence our test pilot entered the lab.

“Umm… there she is.” I got his ‘don’t mess with me’ face. Whatever.

“Hi, sorry for being late. Are we ready to begin the test run?”

“Sure!” I hurried to speak before Angelo. “This is the helmet I talked with you about.”

“Congrats, It’s your ugliest creation so far”

“I failed the one design class I took. And it is a first prototype, no one in the UX team would even look at it.”

“I won’t blame them. Are you sure this is a helmet?” She looked puzzled.

“Yes, doesn’t it look like one?”

“Only if you’re sleeping with a helmet. This thing doesn’t have any openings for the eyes.”


She froze in place and looked at me. “Oh? What do you mean 'oh’?”

“I mean…”

“Didn’t you say you designed it?”

“I did”


“With the help of Gari…”

They both looked at me. Jane with a mix of anger and doubt, Angelo not understanding. “Gari is our nickname for our General Artificial intelligence.” He wasn’t very much aware of the office slang.

“So…” Jane started saying “you want me to put my head and mind in this… so called helmet, designed by an AI, that you didn’t bother enough to check so much so you didn’t even notice it doesn’t have eye openings. Is that it?”

“When I check these things I check for the neural connections design and the software. The work on this one is rather ingenious, so I’m sorry, I didn’t much care for the physical design.”

“Well… this is really awkward.”

“Listen, did you ever leave any of this experiments with even a headache?”

“I know you do a great job, but this was designed by a machine, not by you.”

“Which means I had much more time to check and double check it.”

She hesitated another moment. “If I get even the slightest headache, next lunch is on you.”

“And if you don’t?”

“Then you can ask Gari to take you out.”

She sat down, still holding the helmet. “Can we begin?”

I opened my monitoring software and checked a few routine things. “Ready when you are.”

“See you on the other side.” And she put the helmet on.

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