• Daniel Nakash


There were all sorts of stories, some weirder than others, yet all had a common unchanging core. “You just can’t get it wrong, the sea shore always looks the same, anywhere. A white shiny shore, a steep rim and clear water”, also “You don’t need to fear the water, you’ll float the moment you’ll touch them, it’ll feel natural”.

I couldn’t get what they were all talking about. What is a sea and why would anyone have to go there? “Don’t ask” they tell me.

Once in a while upon hearing such a story from someone who didn’t yet know me, I tried asking, but got the same nonsensical answers. Sayings that it’s not a trip, nobody asks me, and even that this is beyond my understanding of things. At some point I stopped bothering. Anyway, all those that came back looked a bit… deformed, and maimed. Not that I have something against such people, but these cases do make you wonder whether the harm in not only physical.

And then there’s the journey thing.

It is told that all the new guys are picked up, locked in dark vibrating place for an unknown duration of time (some say a couple of days, others say weeks upon weeks, go figure) until one day we’ll be back in the light. A short period later we’ll be at our destination, the sea.

So, I was very surprised when while during the dark phase of the journey there was a strong jolt, and I found myself at… the sea? I don’t know. Anywhere I looked there was only water. The promised white beach was nowhere to be found. Me and my fellows to the journey got scattered all over this “sea”, the currents splitting us to several small groups. And guess what? I really was floating! It’s good that that part of the story was true.

Most of the time nothing much happens. We’re carried wherever the wind and the currents take us. Once we met dolphins. We heard a story about dolphins, them being playful and very friendly, but nothing prepared us to their size, they were immense! They swam next to us and before we know it, we’re being flung into the air, flying from one dolphin to another. After some time playing they got bored or hungry or both and swam away. That was an incredible day.

Some days we notice a silhouette in the distance. Sometimes we pass close enough to see it’s a distant land or a floating house. Some other times we’re left only with our guesses. It has become our favorite entertainment. When there is a silhouette, everyone tries to guess what it is. When there isn’t, we try to guess what would be the next one.

Today for example we’re passing by a weird land. On the one hand, it stays in place, like a land. On the other hand, it stands on four giant legs above the water, which makes it look a bit like the floating houses. While we were trying to decide how to name this new exciting thing, something small and quick started coming closer. It looked like the floating houses, but much smaller and much faster. It slowed down as it came close to us.

“See? Told you I saw them here”

“Sure, okay, you’re right. Don’t see why you’re so excited about this, or how did you manage to drag me in here just after my shift”

“Stop whining, you’re on an oil rig for crying out loud, it’s not like you got errands to take care of.”

We heard about oil. I once heard one of our fathers say we all came from oil.

“Besides, what cooler thing can I get from the middle of the ocean to my child, than a rubber duckie that travelled half the globe?”

The image is copyrighted intellectual property and shown with the permission of Quick Simple Fun Games and is taken from their card game Muse.

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